Cart Big Gig Sulky Horse Carriage

Wide:  39in-49in / 110cm-125cm

Wheels: Pneumatic Wheels

Seats:  Double


  • 2- Disc Brakes Disc
  • Disc Brake System, Stainless Steel Discs
  • 2-Wheel Hydraulic Brake System
  • Brake Paddle
  • Hydraulic Parking Locking Valve Installed


  • Shafts
  • Spring Suspension
  • LED Lamps
  • Rear Mounted Storage Trunk
  • Steps on Sides


Colour (Carriage Painted By Powders):

Carriage: Black

Trim: Orange

Plywood: Black (Painted)

Upholstery: Genuine Leather, Artificial Leather, Black

Weight & Dimensions:

Weight: 176lb / 80kg     

Length: 78.5in / 200cm

  • The Price Includes Only Standard Options on Carriages, for More Options (LED Lamp, Longest Rear Seats, Turn Delay, Stainless Steel Carriage, 4 Break System, Stainless steel Wheel, Wood Wheel, Baluster) Please Contact To Us and We Will Calculate the Price


    Standard Horse Carriages Production Time 4-5 Weeks

    Drawn Horse Carriages Production Time 3-6 Month

    We Shipping From Germany, Sipping Time is Between 20-30 Days To Any United States Ports For Example (Miami, Tampa, California, Houston etc.)


    With The Transport From Any USA Port To Your Home We Can Help If Our Constumer Demand For It.

  • Please contact us and we will be happy to calculate the price for you.



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